Our Team: Introducing Chris Crawford


Chris Crawford takes the lead on our wheel thrown pottery courses and contributes to the creative direction of the studio. Chris has worked in a range of studios and has assisted at the British Ceramics Biennial for the past three editions. 

He trained at the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland’s renowned Ceramics Skills and Design Course and is an experienced production potter with an experimental approach to glaze development.


He has assisted with the production of tableware at 1265 Degrees North; standard ware at Hempmill Pottery and Doherty Porcelain and Whichford Pottery; and Reiko Kaneko Ltd as an operations manager. He’s knowledgeable about all aspects of wheel thrown pottery production.


The main purpose of Chris’ role at Sunken Studio is to oversee, design and deliver introductory, intermediate and advanced courses as part of our evening and weeklong programmes. He also provides in studio guidance and support to our community of members. We’re also keen to utilise Chris’ knowledge of kilns to introduce new courses in glaze development and atmospheric firings.


Chris is interested in pursuing fulfillment of head, heart and hands and working in collaborative studio environments. We’re hoping our work together will help us develop sustainable practices in pottery, ceramics and design.

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