Session Membership

Session Membership


A flexible studio pass providing 30 hours supported access at fixed times across 12 bookable sessions (subject to availability). It includes:

  • Informal demonstrations and studio support.

  • Access to coworking desks, tools, wheels and equipment, house glazes and standard temperature firing services.

  • Basic materials, including clay.

  • 20 litres of bisque per pass.

  • 20 litres of glaze firings per pass.

  • Access to communal storage.

  • 10% discount on courses and services.

Times and availability vary from week to week but mainly occur Wednesday 13:00-15:30 and 18:00-20:30, Thursday 10:00-12:30, Friday 10:00-12:30 and 13:00-15:30, and occasional weekends. Timetables are published in our Member Resources.

Please be aware that demand for wheels will be high during these sessions. We recommend our Studio Membership or Permanent Resident options for keen throwers.

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What you need to know

Our workshops and studio memberships are for adults (18+) only.

Access is at street level. There are managed car parks nearby and short stay parking in the neighbouring streets - sadly a bit too short for all of our workshops. The studio is a 10 minute walk from the City Centre, easily accessed by public transport & you can get the free water taxi from Leeds Train Station to Leeds Dock. The studio is a 2 minute walk from Leeds Dock, Sheaf St. (Duke Studios), The Tetley & The Royal Armouries. We’re on the same road as Leeds Discovery Centre. It’s a partially boarded victorian building between The Discovery Centre & University Technical College.

It’s standard workshop practice to wear flat, sturdy shoes with covered toes. Please protect your feet.

You’ll be provided with relevant personal protective equipment(PPE). While at the studio, you must observe our health and safety procedures and help us maintain a safe working environment. You must wear the aprons provided, wet wipe surfaces, tools and equipment and avoid practices that may encourage dust to amass or become airborne.