TASTER: handbuilding techniques, multiple dates

TASTER: handbuilding techniques, multiple dates


Ceramics Tasters cover a focused area of pottery production. We will guide you through making your own pot(s). When the session is over, your work will be fired and glazed ready for collection. Dates are listed in the dropdown box below the Menu of tasters.

Prerequisites: none, designed for beginners or anyone wanting to refine existing skills.

Looking for a gift and not sure about dates? We also sell Pottery Experience Vouchers for our handbuilding tasters.



You’ll make a series of small functional pots. You’ll learn how to manipulate soft and firm clay; you’ll develop an understanding of how to adapt techniques and processes in response to different consistencies of clay; and explore different methods of moulding, assembling and constructing pots. It’ll be fast and fun.


Make a collection of hand decorated bowls. You’ll develop an understanding of how to apply coloured engobes and underglazes to clay to make custom designs. It’ll be fast, fun and colourful.


Roll it, bend it… just a little bit & shape it… 

COIL is an energetic and spirited introduction to coil building. You’ll compete with each other to make the most even, longest and thinnest coils, and then race to build forms and outdo each other’s technical prowess. You’ll learn how to regulate pressure to roll your own coils and build striking forms – we’ll be celebrating a bit of healthy rivalry.

Coil pots are built using lengths of clay fixed together – a line is taken on a journey. What constitutes a coil pot can be open to interpretation: traditionally they are made using cylindrical lengths placed on top of each other. Layers are often directional and rhythmical – introducing visual and tactile patterns as well as demanding systematic approaches to making. Managing the plasticity of clay at all stages of the process can equate to agility training for potters.


Design and make your own embossing tools and make a relief decorated pot.

Embossing is a way of introducing relief decoration to surfaces. In this session you’ll learn how to plan and carve handmade tools that create raised patterns on the surface of clay. You’ll also learn how to handle soft, textured clay to make a slab built pot.


Join in an introduction to the basics of building pots with slabs of clay. You’ll learn how to roll out consistent slabs and cut out pieces to assemble pots.  Joining clay is essential to successful slab building so we’ll show you a range of approaches to help keep your pots in one piece.

Slab building involves cutting, folding, bending, draping, wrapping and fixing flat shapes, to make three-dimensional forms. It’s useful to think about slab building through allied processes - think pattern cutting, paper engineering and flat pack furniture. The aim is to envelop/wrap or assemble a form with sheet/flat materials: it is a highly adaptable method of construction.


Do and do again.

PRESS is an introduction to small batch production. You’ll explore how to reproduce shapes using plaster moulds and then customise your pieces with wire loop cutting tools. This one is for biophiliacs: you’ll be making small indoor planters - ideal for succulents and other small plants.

Press moulding is a quasi-industrial method of production. Moulds enable the consistent repetition of form but have the flexibility to act as starting points for further adaptation.

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What you need to know

Our workshops and studio memberships are for adults (18+) only.

Finished works, fired and glazed (where needed), will be available for collection from Sunken Studio within 28 days after the session. If you are unable to collect we can arrange for your work to be delivered for £10 per address.

Work must be collected within 90 days of the session. We dispose of unclaimed work after 90 days.

Access is at street level. There are managed car parks nearby and short stay parking in the neighbouring streets - sadly a bit too short for all of our workshops. The studio is a 10 minute walk from the City Centre, easily accessed by public transport & you can get the water taxi from Leeds Train Station to Leeds Dock. The studio is a 2 minute walk from Leeds Dock, Sheaf St. (Duke Studios), The Tetley & The Royal Armouries. We’re on the same road as Leeds Discovery Centre.

Rings and long fingernails can be problematic when working with clay - please consider this when booking.

It’s standard workshop practice to wear flat, sturdy shoes with covered toes. Please protect your feet.

You’ll be provided with relevant personal protective equipment(PPE). While at the studio, you must observe our health and safety procedures and help us maintain a safe working environment. You must wear the aprons provided, wet wipe surfaces, tools and equipment and avoid practices that may encourage dust to amass or become airborne.