Our Team: Introducing Amy Daniels


Amy Daniels is our ceramics technician and Kiln Tsar. She’s responsible for keeping the studio environment safe and accessible and develops our specialist resources. Amy also knows what’s what with our firing schedules and all things kiln. 

She studied Three Dimensional Design at Manchester Metropolitan University and has an MA in Design: Ceramics from Bath Spa University. She is also a qualified teacher.


Amy’s explored hundreds of clay and glaze formulas to explore deformations: adjusting recipes so pieces explode, bubble, melt and pool. Through systematic and methodical testing she has developed an extensive understanding of surface, structure and flow that echo changeable states - particularly decay and obsolescence. 

She has an extensive exhibition profile and has shown work at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, MADE: Brighton, &Gallery, European Makers Gallery and Bevere Gallery.

Amy is materialphilic and meticulous. We don’t think it’ll be long before we’re whipped into shape and for the science behind play to become more accessible.